If you wanna increase your sales and improve your business marketing strategies then these 5 business tools are a must for you. Let’s start now —

5 Must-Have Business Tools to Increase Your Sales Faster Than Ever

1. Constant Contact — Best Email Automation Marketing tool Ever

Whether you’re launching an email marketing campaign to engage your customers, building a fantastic website in minutes, uploading products to your online store, generating awareness on social media sites, or boosting sales with Bing or Google Ads, Constant Contact have all the tools and guidance you wanna use to achieve the results you want, all in one place.

Constant Contact Campaign Dashboard Overview

Price starts from 20$ per month for ‘Email’ plan and 45$ per month for ‘Email Plus’ plan.

2. Semrush — All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals

This tool includes a lot of various features for SEO, marketing research, Social Media, and Paid Traffic. Here, we would like to demonstrate to you only a number of them, which we found the foremost interesting.

Semruch allows you to check traffic information during a similar way to Similarweb or Alexa. What’s interesting is that you simply can see backlinks. So you’ll be able to see not only where the user came from but also the exact page they were on before.

In terms of keyword, it lets you put several competitors and quickly receive information indicating which keywords you missed for your website.

Semrush Overview

It goes with the price like $299,95/a month and 7 days free trial.

3. Slack — Communicate with your team members & work together from anywhere, anytime

Slack offers team communication for the 21st century. this means gone are the times of group messages blowing up and getting 200 notifications directly, missing messages directed at you, and various groups all intermingled on an equivalent set-up. The communication offers far more than simply this core-functionality though.

Slack Overview

Additionally, Slack channels can do file-sharing, phone calls, message search and fun features such as giving employees a “tip” for a job well done.

4. Nextiva — Virtual VoIP System Via The Internet

Nextiva allows businesses to set-up an online office phone system all via the internet. With Nextiva, teams can manage calls and messages across their devices from any location. Combined with an online interface that’s visual and intuitive, simple pricing with no lock-in or termination fees, Nextiva offers an easier way for businesses to determine, run and maintain a communication system for their employees.

Nextiva Overview

Nextiva has three pricing plans for its customers.

  • For essential plan, they’ll charge you almost 20$ per month
  • For professional plan, they’ll charge you 21$ per month
  • For Enterprise plan, they’ll charge you 28$ per month

Keep in mind that you can save 20% for annual plans.

5. ManyChat — Automate & Combine Facebook Messenger and SMS to Grow Your Business

ManyChat is an online tool that allows you to create Facebook Messenger Bots for sales, marketing, and support. You can build whole bots with it in their powerful visual Flow Builder and they let you create a dozen ways to get people into your Messenger Bot instantly.

ManyChat Overview

ManyChat has two pricing plans. One of them is a totally ‘Free’ plan and another one is ‘Pro’ plan which starts with 10$/month.

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Till then, Take care. Thanks. 🙂

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