Paid advertising works just like quick magic which can help you to grow your business faster than ever. In this article, I’m gonna share with you my experience with 5 cheapest native advertising platforms. Let’s start now —

5 Cheapest Native Advertising Platforms To Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever!

Before starting the story if you don’t know about what is native advertising then please read this article before.

1. OutBrain — 0.03$/Click + 20$ Minimum Daily Budget

Outbrain is one of the world’s most well known native advertising platforms. A large number of advertisers are already taking advantage of using it, so why miss your opportunity?

It uses focused on promoting to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos, or videos to a visitor. Those different sites pay Outbrain for every click, and Outbrain pays the publisher on which websites the links showed up.

OutBrain Overview

Outbrain costs 0.03$ per click & 20$ minimum daily budget for a campaign to run from their advertisers.

2. MGID — 0.003$/Click For Push Ads & 0.01$/Click For Native Ads + Minimum Deposit 100$

MGID has become a native advertising platform that has users from all around the world which offers perfect solutions for those looking to take benefits of native advertising.

I personally like their push ads. Because its the cheapest one only for 0.003$ per click. That’s mean, you’ll get 1000 visitors only for 3 dollars!!!

MGID Overview

MGID costs only 0.003$ per click for push advertising and 0.01$ for native ads. You have to deposit first minimum 100$ to start a campaign on MGID.

3. RevContent — 0.01$/Click + 100$ Minimum Deposit

Revcontent is a leading content advertising platform. They connect advertisers to highly engaged crowds through websites and build up partnerships with the world’s top digital publishers.

Revcontent is one of the fast-growing native advertising platforms. They have one of the biggest publisher networks,

RevContent Overview

RevContent is similar to MGID native advertising platform. It also costs 0.01$ per click & requires a 100$ minimum deposit to run a campaign first.

Taboola — 0.01$/Click + Minimum Deposit 3000$

Taboola is a self-marked internet “discovery platform”, that attempts to curate just the perfect things online to users dependent on a person’s interests. The company achieves focused content along with tailored advertising and marketing by making suggestions of what users may also like.

But the only bad side of Taboola is they require advertisers to deposit a minimum of 3000$ to start a campaign first.

Taboola Overview

Taboola costs 0.01$ per click and a minimum $3k deposit. It has lots of targeting options for advertisers.

Yahoo Gemini — 0.05$/Click + 25$ Minimum Deposit

Yahoo Gemini is Yahoo’s foundation for native advertising and mobile search ads.  Do you know the sponsored articles that flow through Yahoo’s home page and in different areas of the site?  Those are posted through Yahoo Gemini. Consider it a Yahoo supported post.

we keep on hearing issues from advertisers on “low volume and limited functionality” for Gemini, as well as “a lack of inventory and platform features.” Those are most likely a couple of reasons why sponsors have been slow to adopt Yahoo ads fully this year, as should be obvious with the numbers.

Yahoo Gemini Overview

Yahoo Gemini costs 0.05$ minimum CPC and 25$ minimum deposit to start a campaign.

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